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Welcome! I am Leticia Christen, CEO/Founder of Live.Love.Prosper. Let me share with you a brief background of how I made the transition from stressed out, living paycheck to paycheck and never having "enough" to happy, living a full life on a budget and being grateful for all of the blessings in my life. 

Like you, I was a hard working wife and mom, trying to "do it all" and not let anyone see that I was spreading myself thin. I worked hard in business, as a wife, as a mom and desperately tried to keep up and be a good friend. In 2012, I left my full time corporate job to be a stay at home mom. I had NO IDEA what I was in for! We had to adjust to a pretty big financial loss and also, this new way of managing my time. For three years I worked a home based MLM business, trying to get to a place of peace with our finances, but here's what I realized...the more money we made, the more we spent! So, it was at that time that I started seeking financial advice. I started reading about and researching wealthy and successful people. How did others manage their money and how could I learn to manage ours better? 

It took me three years (yes that's right, three years!) to develop a "system" that worked for our family to manage our finances in a way that would allow us to pay everything that was due within the same month (no rollover), evenly distribute our money so that we were not having major ups and downs with our finances throughout the month and pay down our debt. We started February 2014 with $55,628.00 of debt and a new baby. I was overwhelmed and stressed out about how we were going to "make this work", but by October of 2014 we started getting serious about creating and sticking to a budget and as of January 2016 we have paid off over $37,000.00 of debt! We changed our mindset about what it meant to live "the good life" and began to slowly detach our happiness from "things" and find our happiness in the blessings that were so abundant in our lives such as family, friends and the gift of giving. I cannot imagine our lives without a budget now, although at the time, it was the LAST thing we wanted to do. My hope is that by sharing our transformation with others, they too can begin to live a life rich in love and prosperity, and truly be grateful for the blessings in their lives that money can't buy. 

Thank you for being here! 
xo Leticia



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