Whole 30 On A Budget - Week 3

I can't believe I have already made it through week 3! YIPPEE!!!! I am loving the simplicity of this eating plan, although to some it might seem redundant, I find it helpful to count on certain meals staying the same; it adds some consistency to my crazy days as a stay at home mom. My biggest struggle so far has been to not weigh myself! I tend to judge my success by the number on the scale (SO BAD, I KNOW) so it's been difficult to not validate the success I am feeling with a visible success indicator like that lesser number on the scale. But, I will refrain! 

Week 3 Shopping Results-
Budgeted Amount: $100
Total Spent: $85.87

Cost Less Food Company- 
<Bag Rebate -0.05x2>
Tri Tip in the bag $39.47
Chicken Drumsticks in the bag $4.57
Pork $5.35
(2) Doz Eggs $0.75 ea
(1) 18 ct Eggs $1.28
(2) Cans Organic Coconut Milk $1.88 ea
4.5 lb Bananas $2.16
(6) Avocados $1.68
(2) Green Onion $0.88
(2) Green Leaf Lettuce $0.68 ea
(3) Cilantro $0.98

99 Cent Stores-
(2) Orange Juice $0.99 ea
(6) Bumblebee Light Tuna Pouches $0.99 ea
(1) Plantain chips $0.99
(2) Unsalted Cashews $.099 ea

Non Whole 30-
(1) Whole milk $0.99
(4) Izze Clementine Drinks $0.59 ea
(2) 6ct Danonino Yogurt $0.99 ea
(4) Oscar Meyer Deli Shaved Ham $0.99 ea

What Did We Eat?
Egg scramble with veggies and leftover meat, fruit, monkey salad, coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon and hot tea.

Lunch- Leftovers. It just so happened that each day we had enough food leftover for lunches- SCORE!!! 

Dinner- Taco Salad, BBQ Chicken Potato Salad and Artichokes, Tri Tip and Asparagus, Hamburger Veggie Stew, Turkey Burgers with Bacon and avocado

I was a bit worried about our budget this week as I knew we would have to purchase meat and that can take up about half of our weekly budget but it worked out perfectly as we hit the jackpot with meat sales!! Remember to shop your pantry first and check your local store ads and build your menu from there. It will save you time and money when you prepare before you head out to do your shopping! I hope you are finding these blog posts helpful and you can see that it IS possible to eat healthy on a budget. If we can do it, so can you! 

Thank you for being here,
xo, Leticia